With so many options (and expenses) for job platforms, we often get asked about Indeed and the nature and volume of job seekers found there for tech recruiting. The landscape is diverse, and individuals certainly have varied reasons and motivations for utilizing these platforms. We have recruiting data from hundreds of job posts, and we can share what our experience has been.

We have found the roles that perform best on LinkedIn are roles that are targeted to:

  • Active Job Seekers
  • Hourly Workers
  • Salaried Professionals with comp up to 120k
  • Recent Graduates
  • Entry-Level Job Seekers
  • Manager Level Professionals
  • Industrial Workers

Roles that are targeted to the following categories of job-seekers we have found are less likely to perform as well on Indeed:

  • Passive Talent
    To discover and attract potential candidates that aren’t currently job hunting, LinkedIn as a social networking platform is our top choice here.
  • C-Level and Director Level Professionals
    For executive roles, LinkedIn is our preferred platform for attracting a higher volume of job seekers at this level.
  • Job Hunters seeking comp over 120k
    Candidates in this range we have found more readily on LinkedIn or Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent).
  • Freelancers and Gig Workers
    Companies seeking freelancers or gig workers are often opting for platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer.

These industry insights are generalized based on what we have personally observed in our recruiting journey as an RPO firm, further confirmed by chatter we’ve heard from other recruiters in this space, but it’s important to note there have been exceptions and outliers in our experience. Indeed is a multifaceted platform and a pivitol space accommodating a wide array of users, and with each update, we gain new insights into the diverse dynamics of the job market.

Whether you’re actively searching for your next candidate or simply observing the trends, we’d love to connect with you to share more valuable insights. Reach out to us for a free Recruiting “How-To” kit, crafted especially to help startups! Email us