Businesses looking to hire qualified candidates in their preferred timeline often struggle due to any number of the following 10 reasons:

  1. Poor job description – When the job description you are advertising is vague, short, messy, or otherwise doesn’t hit the mark to attract the right candidate, you will have a hard time getting qualified candidates to apply.
  2. Narrow qualifications – If your cast isn’t wide enough to reel in candidates from just outside your radius or with a degree in a related field, you may be missing out on worthy candidates.
  3. Failing to look at the competition – Often hiring managers forget they are up against other job offerings in the same field, and applicants will be weighing their options.
  4. Thinking like a hiring manager – Instead of listing off all the things you need from a candidate, think instead about why a candidate would like working in that position. Money isn’t always the biggest draw, especially for candidates who take pride in their work. Give them a reason to apply.
  5. Timeliness – Move fast on qualified candidates! If you fail to contact them in a timely manner, they may lose interest or already have signed a contract elsewhere.
  6. Discrepancies – The candidate is considering you just as you are considering them. It can be a poor first impression if things like pay, work hours, or benefits don’t match up with what the job description advertised.
  7. Poor screening – Knowing the right questions to ask (and sometimes the right phrasing or order of questions) to quickly screen applicants is a tricky skill, but can go a long way in avoiding candidates misunderstanding or misrepresenting their experience. This leads to less time wasted reviewing unqualified candidate resumes or contacting clients who don’t actually fit the bill.
  8. Low budget – Quite often, you get what you pay for. Make sure your salary offering and/or benefit package is on par with the industry standard in your region, and make sure your budget for advertising your job listing gives it good visibility on the platform you’re using.
  9. Too busy – If you are approaching the hiring process out of exhausted necessity, your hiring game will never be at its best. When you are juggling your daily demands and have to carve out time to hurriedly weed through candidates, you will not be in a position to attract and source the best candidates. This is why many hiring managers and HR teams choose to hire an outside recruiter.
  10. Poor recruiting – Putting up a job description and hoping the right candidate applies, is like throwing a bunch of ingredients into a bowl and hoping you end up with a great apple pie. While you may sometimes get a stroke of luck, not knowing how to successfully follow a “recipe” for recruiting can mean striking out is more likely than striking gold.

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