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Oh my gosh, you’re going to love us. If you ever thought recruiters were pushy, obnoxious, off the mark, and a little slimy, well… you’d be right. That’s not true for all, but it’s true often enough that we think you’ll find our team a breath of fresh air compared to recruiters you may have worked with in the past.

Here’s what makes our team great:

We’re driven

Give us your hard-to-fill roles – we love a challenge! Our team is energized by the fast-paced startup space, and we thrive on the “win” of finding that perfect fit for your team.

We’re human

AI and automation can do many amazing things, but in the recruiting world where reading people, understanding needs, and a personalized approach is paramount, we stand out with the human touch and creative problem solving that AI hasn’t mastered (yet).

We’re diverse

Our team of specialists come from all walks and backgrounds. We have former professionals in fields like marketing, analytics, fin tech, healthcare, consulting, you name it. We value transferable skills and real world experience over recruiter titles, and it has paid off because our team is stacked!

We’re solution focused

Our mission is driven by your vision. We will help your business drive toward success and scale according to your needs and priorities.

We’re ready

When you need a role filled yesterday. When candidates need a highly specific set of skills. When your candidate is considering multiple offers. When your strongest candidate is getting cold feet and you want to win them back. We’re ready for any challenge you throw at us.

The Perfect Fit

Our commitment to sourcing highly matched candidates means you get your choice of professionals to fill each opening with the perfect fit and save time.

Janaiah von Hassel

Janaiah von Hassel

Founder and CEO
With over 20 years in the business, Janaiah got her start in recruiting at General Electric and has grown Winnow Services from the ground up. She is energized by meeting new people and scaling startups at every stage.
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Dedicated Team

Each open role deserves the best, and our team is among the best from across the country with specialty areas to source the right fit for any open position.

So Let’s Chat

We’d love the opportunity to discuss your business goals and determine if we’re the right fit. Reach out, and we’ll see how we can help.